1. Requirements

1.1. Supported Operating Systems

  • RHEL/CentOS 7 / 8

  • SuSE SLES 15

  • Ubuntu 18 / 20 LTS

  • Debian 9 / 10

Since THOR also runs on Windows and macOS operating systems, THOR Thunderstorm can also be used on one of these platforms but without any support.

1.2. Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements highly depend on the number of samples per minute that the service has to process.

In cases in which only a few samples per minute have to be processed, even a dual core barebone system could be enough. However, in cases in which thousands of samples per minute should be processed, we recommend having a high amount of CPU cores, a decent amount of RAM and an SSD as hard disk for a faster processing of queued samples.



2 CPU Cores

2 GB of RAM

5 GB of hard disk drive (for sample queue)

12+ CPU Cores

16 GB of RAM

1 TB SSD hard drive

Highspeed Network Interface and Link

1.3. Network Connections

1.3.1. Web GUI and Sample Submission

HTTP(S) on port 8080/tcp (can be changed in config)

1.3.2. Update Server

update1.nextron-systems.com 443/tcp

update2.nextron-systems.com 443/tcp

1.3.3. Installer

portal.nextron-systems.com 443/tcp

cloud.nextron-systems.com 443/tcp